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EaziLawn offers a wide range of artificial / synthetic surfaces all manufactured either in the UK or mainland Europe.

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Artificial Lawns - FAQ

Q: Do you offer a supply only or supply & fit service?
A: We offer both anywhere in the UK mainland & Ireland.

Q: Is it easy to install?
A: Yes and no. We do recommend that if you do decide to install your own base and fit the EaziLawn surface then you should use people with the suitable skills! You do not want to spoil your new garden with a poor base or a badly fitted surface. We can provide the installation specification for both on request.

Q: Does it really look like real grass?
A: Technology has moved on so much in the last five years that you will need to take a second glance to tell the difference.

Q: Is it affordable?
A: We offer a range of surfaces to fit all budgets. Price will depend on size of installation, location, grass quality etc. It is a considered purchase but is a great investment for the future.

Q: What will an artificial lawn do for me?
A: Free up your time! No mowing, no feeding, no watering, no edging, no mud, no more hassle EVER! All you need to do is sit back & enjoy!

Q: Is it safe for the kids and pets?
A: Yes on both fronts! Kids will love artificial grass – it is soft to touch, non abrasive and best of all no mud! Pets too will no longer be able to discolour or stain the grass. Any “business” left behind can easily be picked up then hosed away.

Q: What about maintenance?
A: EaziLawn grass is low maintenance. The only work you need to do is to keep leaves & other garden debris off the surface. This can be done using a leaf blower or brush. You may also wish to periodically brush up the surface depending on the level of footfall.

Q: How long will my EaziLawn last for?
A: EaziLawn surfaces come with a 7 year warranty & we would expect them to last in excess of 10 years in the UK.

Q: What type of base do I need?
A: Every job is bespoke and the type of base is dependent on individual grounds conditions which vary depending on what part of the UK you are in. However the rule of thumb is if the existing ground does not have great drainage then a layer of Type 1 stone followed by sharp sand or similar is required. Otherwise a layer of sharp sand or similar should suffice. Take advice!

Q: How does water pass through the grass?
A: EaziLawn grass has perforated drainage holes in the backing allowing rainwater to pass straight through!

Q: Will my grass fade in time?
A: No. The yarn that goes into the manufacturing of the grass is fully UV stabilised so it will not fade.

Q: Is EaziLawn grass guaranteed?
A: Yes it comes with an industry standard 7 year manufacturer’s guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Q: Is EaziLawn grass flammable?
A: No but we do recommend that smoking and barbecues are avoided on the grass. The yarn will simply melt under extreme heat but will be confined to a localised area.

Q: I note some of your competitor’s surfaces are sand filled what about EaziLawn?
A: Generally our EaziLawn surfaces are non sand filled for even lower maintenance issues. However if the footfall is higher we may add some sand infill to provide more support for the pile bit it is optional. We can advise when the surface choice is being made.

Q: I note EaziLawn HQ is based in Dundee with satellite offices in Aberdeen & Glasgow. Do you cover other parts of the UK mainland & Ireland?
A: 100% – we cover all parts of the country not just installing EaziLawn surfaces but other types of synthetic sports surfaces too. In fact our team work overseas from Canada to China to Australia & New Zealand. We are fully mobile & essentially go to where the work is!

Q: What is the lead time for supply?
A: Usually our grass if offered ex stock if not allow around 2-3 weeks. Installation time depends on how busy our teams are but again allow 2-3 weeks.

Q: How long will my job take?
A: Of course it depends on the size and the good old British weather. Typically for a modest 50m 2 garden both the base and surface can be completed within 2 days.

Q: I fancy a putting green for myself and a mini football pitch for my grandchildren does EaziLawn offer other surfaces?
A: Absolutely, our staff can install virtually any type of synthetic sports surface in a domestic location call us for more details.

Q: Finally what is the catch to putting down an EaziLawn Surface?
A: To date we cannot think of any!

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